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Gender: Female
Species: Pixie/Anti-Fairy Hybrid
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Greyish purple
Anti-Wanda (Mother)

Stanley (H.P.) (Father)

Anti-Bailey (Maternal Grandmother)

Anti-Frank (A.B.D.) (Maternal Grandfather)

Ellie (Paternal Grandmother)

Pavi (Paternal Grandfather)

Seth (Twin Brother)

Anti-Cosmo (Half-Brother)

Foop (Half-Brother)

Anti-Rosemary (Half-Sister)

Anti-William (Half-Brother)

Anti-Schnozmo (Half-brother)

Anti-Clarice (Half-sister)


Once upon a time H.P. got really drunk and kershmoidled Anti-Wanda's kershmoddle shnort the end.

She has a really strong bond with her brother, but considers him to be an idiot at times. She lives in a room on the third floor of Anti-Cosmo's castle, along with her brother, because I don't know Anti-Cosmo must've busted a tit or something. Her father doesn't know about her, but sometimes he finds out in some AU Roleplays between Invadermay123 and InvaderUgli.

**Sometimes she's fanon but sometime's she doesn't exist (Mostly because I forget about her and Seth) so I guess she's half-fanon**
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