Zeke Fullerton
Personal Information
Gender Male
Species Betta Fish
Parents Zeke's Dad (Father)

Zeke's Mom (Mother)

Siblings Madison Fullerton (Sister)

Jack Fullerton (Brother)

Grandparents Grandpa Fullerton (Grandfather)

Grandma Fullerton (Grandmother)

Pet(s) Mr. Bubbles
Production Information
First Appearance A Large Problem!
Voiced by Jim Ward

Zeke Fullerton is Connor's best friend. He is 12 years old and lives not too far away from the Seesponges house. Zeke attends See Angeles Middle School.


Zeke is almost as nice and popular as Connor, just as Veronica is to Trixie. He respects Connor a lot and they both hang out a lot after school, but only ofter they finish their homework. Zeke likes Connor more than other kids, but still respects them. He helps Connor and Jenna out when they are being bullied by Francis Cornfish.


Zeke is a orange betta fish. He wears a yellow T-Shirt with blue shorts and is 5'2. He is taller than most kids in his grade but close to Connor's height.


Connor Seesponges

Connor and Zeke both play basketball and sometimes handball during recess. However, Connor is sometimes busy with Jenna when they are trying to defeat Francis Cornfish. On weekends, they just enjoy being kids. During summer, Connor and Zeke attend a Soccer Summer Camp.

Jenna Seesponges

Zeke and Jenna rarely ever make contact because Zeke is busy with hanging out with Connor. They respect each other when they do make contact.

Mr. and Mrs. Fullerton

Zeke has never been grounded before by his parents. Jack Fullerton, his brother, often times gets in trouble.


Zeke has won 13 different soccer trophies. He is in a different region than Connor and Jenna are in. Zeke has a pet fish named Mr. Bubbles. Connor sometimes borrows him since they are best friends.

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