Wishing Bells performed by Timmy and Ivan's fairies.

Wanda: Flying through the snow♪
Cosmo: On a wish powered tree♪
Astronov: Fairy World we go♪
Neptunia: Laughing away you see♪
Jorgen: Ha, ha, ha!
Poof and Sunny: Bells on bob tail ring♪
Cosmo: Making spirits bright♪
All: What fun it is to laugh and sing♪
♪on a floating tree tonight♪
♪Oh, Wishing bells, Francis smells
♪Crocker laid an egg♪
Cosmo: (speaks) Woudn't see that.
♪Vicky thinks that Timmy stinks♪
♪Leave her in a cage to beg♪
♪Wishing bells, Wising bells
Sunny: Magic all the way♪
♪Oh, what fun it is to grant♪
♪wishes all day♪

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