• Winners Don't Use Drugs - The title of this episode and title card is similar to the "Winners Don't Use Drugs" warning screen seen in many arcade games from the late 1980's and 1990's.
  • Grand Theft Auto - One of Vicky's favorite video games, Grand Car Larceny, is a parody of the Grand Theft Auto games.
  • Kart racing games - Dashing Nitro Kart is a parody of various kart racing games, such as Mario Kart, Crash Team Racing and Diddy Kong Racing, and pokes fun at the various tropes seen in said games.
  • Futurama - The episode is a bit similar to the segment "Raiders of the Lost Arcade" from the Futurama episode "Anthology of Interest II".
  • GameCube and Xbox 360 - The V-Cube 720, a successor to the original V-Cube, is a spoof of both consoles.
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