Winners Don't Use Magic/Quotes

(Timmy's room)
(Timmy reading comics while Cosmo, Wanda and Poof play cards in the fishbowl)
Vicky: (heard) Hey, shrimp, your stupid little band of geek friends are here!
Timmy: Ooh, they must be here for the new video game I've bought for my V-Cube 720, (holds up the cover) Dashing Nitro Kart! A game full of characters with super fast speeding karts.
Cosmo: Ah! I love karts. I used to have one during the my first few honeymoons.
Wanda: I'm just glad you've made the decision to take that heap away.
Cosmo: It wasn't that bad.
Wanda: It smelled like a small animal squeezed himself into the engine and died.
(Ivan, A.J. and Chester with Astronov and Neptunia in their animal disguises show up near Timmy's door)
A.J.: You ready to get your butt kicked?
Ivan: Cause we're ready to race!
Chester: Guys, It's a beautiful day outside.
Timmy, Ivan and A.J.: So?
Chester: So, it's our duty as us kids to stay inside and constantly play games until our eyes melt!
Ivan: Oh, that's not at all what I thought you were going to say.
Astronov: I'd figure he was going to say that we should all go out and study environments around us. Be more educational in our lives. Oh, who am I kidding?
Neptunia: Yeah, who are you kidding?
(Timmy starts the game)
Game screen voice: Start your engines!
(Vicky walks in as the kids start to play)
Vicky: Look at your sniveling worms, wasting your lives playing dumb games! Some days, I wish you would all just go and live inside that stupid video game. (walks out)
Chester: (sigh; pauses the game) The red-headed banshee has a point.
A.J.: Yeah, sometimes I just wish the whole world was like a video game. That would make our lives much more fun!
Ivan: I'm with you. I too would (head turns to Astronov and Neptunia) wish to have life be a video game.
Timmy: Yeah, (to Cosmo, Wanda and Poof) me too.
(the fairies raise their wands; POOF)
(Dimmsdale turns into a video game)
(Timmy, Ivan, Chester, A.J. and fairies poof in wearing racing outfits)
Chester: Wow! It's like Dimmsdale is an entire video game themed race track! Awesome!
A.J.: Wait, did you guys have anything to do with this?
Cosmo: Well, we saw how miserable you four were and decided to grant the wish.
Poof: It's what we fairies do.
Timmy: This is amazing, even much better than the time I wished for a challenging video game that I couldn't wish out of. It's a good thing this game doesn't require lives, cause it would be humiliating having to lose a life on the first level.
Ivan: You've lost your first life on the first level? What are you, four?
Timmy: Hey, at least I didn't get a game over on it.
Neptunia: Is there any information to beat this game?
A.J.: It says here that we must challenge four racers in order to compete against the most accomplished racer, AKA the final boss.
Poof: Who's the final boss?
(a giant holographic communicating head pops up)
Timmy: Mr. Crocker?
Crocker: I am Emperor Crock-O the XXVII, ruler of this world! And word of your racing powers has reached my glorious empire. And I hope you all put on a good show, especially since winning this circuit will win your freedom. No cheating by any means necessary. Guards?
(a guard pulls up a magnet taking the fairies wands)
Emperor Crock-O: And if you refuse to race, you will never return back to your own world.
Chester: I can live with that.
(others stare at Chester in dismay)
Emperor Crock-O: But... I don't think a refusal would come of that. Do you accept this challenge?
Ivan: We have to if we want to go back home.
Timmy: Emperor Crock-O, we accept!
Emperor Crock-O: It is decided! You all will race against four racers of my choosing, and if you win all four championship keys, you must race against the champion for your freedom.
(kart falls down)
A.J.: Woah! Sweet ride!
Emperor Crock-O: Now, onto the first world, Cheer-Leading!
(Timmy, Ivan, Chester, A.J. and fairies hop on the kart)
Timmy: Fasten your seatbelts!
(start the engine and drives to the portal to the first world)

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