Wilbur Venus Fairywinkle is the brother of Wanda , and the godparent of Zimmy Turner


I realize wishes

Wilbur Venus Fairywinkle
Personal Information
Aliases The Godparent of Zimmy
Gender Male
Species Fairyl
Age Immortal
Birthday April 3rd
Occupation The godparent of Zimmy
Homeworld Fairly World
Residence Turner Residence
Siblings Wanda Fairywinkle (sister)
Godchildren Zimmy Turner (godson)
Spouse(s) not married
Children none
Others Cosmo Cosma (brother in-law)
Production Information
First Appearance Wilbur the Brother of Wanda
Voiced by David Hornsby

Wilbur is the brother of Wanda, comes to live with her in the house Turners there will live with his brother Cosmo that more or less get along ,Wilbur lives wondering why Wanda married Cosmo, must be because of Cosmo sometimes be stupid ,it is the magical godfather of Zimmy


  • he is not married
  • he did not have children
  • he is the only relative of Wanda to not having one family only Wanda and Cosmo and Timmy and Poof and his family
  • his godson is Zimmy's brother Timmy
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