Key: This is a quick Fanfic made by BabyPoof93, And shows what REALLY happened when Junior met Angel during Angel The Baby (Fairly Odd Baby 6).

The Hospital Bedroom was quiet, The sun was shining, And the birds were singing Merry Tunes of Joy because another Miracle yet again had been born in Fairy World. Blonda was holding a blue bundle in her arms, Wrapped up nice and comfortabley, Sleeping. Blonda's family had just arrived; Juandissimo and Junior, Her husband and jiggling son along with their friends, Timmy, Cosmo, Wanda, and Poof. The visitors were shaking with excitment, shivering their legs and rubbing the goosebumps on their arms and toes. Blonda opened the half-closed blanket, Revealing a beautiful newborn infant with sparkling blue eyes, And yes, the child looked like a peacful little angel. With it's stubby, wrinkled, and new little arms, It desprately reached it's nubby limbs into the air and said it's first words: " ... Sparkle!" The family shouts out in awe, Hugging the infant. Junior, Who was the most excited guest there, Exploded with joy and bounced off and onto the walls like an out-of-control firework gone freakeshly wrong! His insanity made the newborn giggle. Junior, Who had finally calmed down, Sat on his mother's lap, And carefully picked up his new sibling. The baby reaches her tiny hand into the air and grabs her brother's nose and tugs it. Junior then shouts in pain, But kisses his baby sister, And yes, It indeed was a girl.

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