Welcome to M.T. Dedede, Poof" is a song from the episode "Poof Proof" from Kirby Quest

King Dedede: Waddle Dee men, meet our new minon!

Poof: Poof?

Waddle Dee #1: Oh boy, a baby!

Waddle Dee #2: I love babies.

Both Waddle Dees: Welcome to M.T. Dedede, Poof

It's lots of fun. We'll show you lots of proof.

A super slide, for an awesome ride.

A water park with a doggie bark.

We hope your not so winky, 'cause the food is oh so stinky.

(Poof faints)

King Dedede: Is it the food?

Both Waddle Dees: You will never see your friends again!

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