Todd: We're simply just your average children!

Candy: We just want to have fun!

Sami: But every day

We must obey

All: The nasty wicked one!

Todd: (spoken) Uh just so we're clear, 

That's my evil aunt Vicky and her nasty daughter.

Carly: (spoken, as Rain) Uh yeah. She gets it.

(singing as Alice) You see...

You've got to know all about us!

Take the bad stuff with the good.

Francine: All we want is to be free of her!

If you knew her then you would!

Todd: We're really nice!

Candy: And sweet!

Keith: And cool!

Todd: Yes, we're the best part of the show!

Candy: We can be friends

Todd: Yes, friends to the end!

All: We are the Daycare kids!

Candy: Well you know me, I'm Candy!

That's Todd, he's in love with me!

Todd: Keith is funny, Francine is sweet!

Carly Jenkins, 1 2 and 3!

Keith: Sami is always having fun!

Sami: Francine is the pretty one!

Francine: Everybody sing along!

All: This is our happy song!

Sami: We can be best friends if you want to!

Todd: Stick with us and you'll do well!

Candy: There's only one thing that we must do!

Make sure everything's going swell!

Keith: So listen up, you know we're really

Todd: The nicest kids you'll ever know.

Carly: (as herself) We're really sweet!

Sami: We're quite a treat!

All: We are the Daycare


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