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Series Name
Season 9, Episode 26
Written by That Gamer
Directed by Butch Hartman
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War of the Loves is the 26th fanmade episode of The Fairly OddParents from Season 9.



With the Valentines Day Dance here, and Timmy date-less, it looks like an all-out mega brawl in a war of loves!


The epsiode begins with Misty saying that it's Valentines Day. Timmy says he forgot, but since he forgot, he's not going to the Valentines Day dance, because he's sure Trixie has a date. Misty says she knows for a FACT that she does have a date. Timmy then decides that the next best choice, would be Kimmy. Timmy then goes to look for Kimmy. Misty then steals Mystic's supply of magic and turns into a fariy. She then poofs to Kimmy's house and locks Kimmy in her closet. Kimmy then bursts out and starts fighting with Misty. Misty changes shape into Kimmy when Timmy rings the doorbell. Timmy then says that this is wired when TWO Kimmy's apperar. Kimmy then yells at Misty for ruing her chanes of going to the dance with him. She then steals 1/3 of the magic and sets out to find Timmy. Meanwhile, Mystic and Timmy's faries are looking for his supply of magic until Kimmy calls asking if they know where Timmy went. Wanda says that he went to Kimmy's house, then he went to Trixie's. At Trixie's place (Remember, she still likes Timmy from Journey to the center of Trixie Tang) Timmy asks if Trixie got a date for the dance and she says no. Then, before he asks her, Kimmy and Misty come and Misty spills 1/3 of the magic on Trixie so it'll be a fair fight. Mystic comes and takes all thier magic away a scolds them for fighting like 2 year olds over a toy car. He then lets Timmy decide and he says nobody and goes home. Later that night, all 3 girls aplogize for fighting over him. Timmy says it's alright and goes to sleep. Then the epsiode ends with Tootie in his backyard, asking herself why she didn't get involved.


  • The tittle slighty references War of the Worlds.
  • It's revealed that Mystic keeps his magic in a bag.