• She has a love for chocolate which borderlines addiction.
  • Her full name is Wanda Venus Fairywinkle, as revealed in "77 Secrets of The Fairly Odd Parents Revealed!"
  • Her hair was originally going to be blue, but since Timmy's room was blue, it wouldn't have shown up, so it was changed to pink.
  • In "The Big Scoop", Chester and A.J. saw pictures and even mentioned Cosmo and Wanda but in Da Rules, it says if someone's fairies are mentioned by other people except fellow god children, the fairy or fairies go away forever. This may indicate they must first be revealed as fairies instead of just existent beings.
  • Wanda is voiced by Susanne Blakeslee
  • Wanda has 2 Zappys, one from "The Zappys", and a second from "Blondas Have More Fun!".
  • In "Wanda's Day Off", the other female fairies at a high-class beauty spa are disdainful of Wanda because she was wished there by her godson, instead of being rich and paying for it. Their disdain blossoms into jealousy when they learn that their crush Juandissimo, who works at the spa, still pines for her, which implies that Wanda is something of a beauty. Though she seems to have little social life (perhaps thanks to Cosmo), she has at least two friends as seen in "Dog's Day Afternoon".
  • In the series' first episodes (like the episode The Big Problem), Wanda's skin color was light pink instead of caucasian. It can be confirmed by seeing her along with Cosmo (who always had caucasian skin). The color of her skin was later changed to caucasian.
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