• Vicky-A Nice 5 Year Old Girl (Turned 6 In "Vicky,s Birthday") who Lives in a Pink House with Purple Shutters.
  • Victor-An Evil 21 Year Old Babysitter who Tortures Vicky.
  • Vicky,s Parents-Nicky and an Unnamed Father.
  • Bozmo-Cosmo,s Wiser Younger Step Brother Who was the Godparent of Previous Famous People such as Abraham Lincoln,Marilyn Monroe,Christopher Columbus and Steve Jobs.
  • Klonda-Wanda,s Annoying Older Step Sister Who is Bozmo,s Wife.
  • Mr.Docker-Vicky,s Teacher,Likes to Give Vicky F,s a Lot.

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Forget It! Cartoons

  • Vicky and the Godparents(episode)-February 21, 2009-Vicky Recieves Bozmo and Klonda As Her Godparents.
  • Vicky,s Birthday-February 24, 2009-It,s Vicky,s Birthday and her Parents Are Sending Her to Victor,s House. But when A Young Mischevious Alien Baby Comes to the party,The party is Now Twice the Chaos!
  • Camping Trip of Doom-February 26, 2009-Vicky,s Family goes on a Camping Trip that Goes Horribly wrong.
  • When You're Older-March 2, 2009-In Order to Watch the Teenage Blowfly Movie Vicky Wishes to Have the Body of a 17 Year Old. But Troubles Come when Victor Falls in Love With Her...
  • A Boy Named Julian-March 7, 2009-Julian Comes To Dimmsdale and Vicky Challenges Him in a Magical Duel and If she Loses,she,ll Never see Bozmo and Klonda Again!
  • Klonda,s Brain Drain-March 11, 2009-After a Very Large Accident,Klonda,s Brain is Now at the Level Of "Drool Monkey" and Now Bozmo and Vicky Have to Get Her Back to Normal.
  • Rollercoaster-March 19, 2009-Vicky is Too Short to Ride on a Rollercoaster so she Wishes up her own and The whole neighborhood comes to ride it.
  • Loosey Toothy-March 25, 2009-Vicky has a Loose Tooth But It won't Come Out!!!!
  • Vicky,s In Love (Part I)-March 31, 2009-Vicky Falls in Love With a Boy Named Salt and Bozmo and Klonda Need to break them Up.
  • Vicky,s In Love (Part II)-April 15, 2009-Salt and Vicky Break Up But Anti Cosmo and Anti Wanda want to Kidnap Salt.

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