This is a song performed in "The Tommy and Tammy Show" Season 2 Episode 3, "Zarghami". It is meant to show the Lost Toons' displeasure with their mistreatmeant.

Vendetta: I see the pain that we have to go through every day, every night!

She treats us like trash

And that's why she must pay!

Toons: That's right!

Vendetta: You know they told us 

That we'd live on!

Mikey Simon: We'd always be on the air!

Jenny Wakeman: Then they betrayed us and they pulled the plug!

Gaz, Zim: And they didn't even care!

Vendetta: There's nothing wrong with any one of us!

Don't you know we got good ratings?

Charlotte: Hey!

Vendetta: So listen up and hear what I have to say!

Cuz I'm gonna have my way!

She can't just throw us away!

That was her big mistake!

I'm on the right track baby!

Zarghami must pay!

Henry, June: Vendetta will get her way!

Doug Funnie, Patti Mayonnaise: Just listen to what she says!

Danny Fenton: She's on the right track baby!

Rhonda Lloyd: Zarghami must pay!

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