V-Cube 720

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Timmy Turner, Ivan Prestonovich, Vicky


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"Winners Don't Use Magic"

The V-Cube 720 is a video game entertainment system that appeared in The All New Fairly OddParents!. It is a successor to the original V-Cube.


The V-Cube 720 is a standard video game console which resembles a mix of many different real life video game systems over the years, notably the Xbox 360 and the GameCube. Unlike the original, fragile V-Cube, the V-Cube 720 is very durable, but just as expensive, as Timmy mentions that it can rarely suffer hardware failure, and the "V" on top of the case starts flashing red, which Timmy dubs the "Red V of Death". The V-Cube 720 is also backwards compatible with the original V-Cube games.


The console is gray and green, and is cube-shaped with a "V" across the top of the case, and V-Cube 720 written on the side. The controller is wireless, and is identical to the original V-Cube controller, consisting of four buttons and a joystick. There is also a slot in the console for inserting cartridges.

Known games

  • Dashing Nitro Kart
  • Grand Car Larceny


  • The V-Cube 720's name is a homage to both the GameCube and the Xbox 360 from which the V-Cube 720's design was derived. Like the original V-Cube, it also uses cartridges instead of discs much like older video game systems, and the control pad resembles that of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System but with a joystick instead of a direction pad.
    • The mentioning of the V-Cube 720 suffering hardware failure and Timmy calling the red flashing V the "Red V of Death" may be a reference to technical problems relating to the infamous "Red Ring of Death", which caused some Xbox 360 consoles released from 2005-2008 to suffer hardware failure and flash 3 red ring segments, which was dubbed the "Red Ring of Death".
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