• PoofFan93

    Yes, This may seem very sad, And it's a loss for me too. I decided to quit.

    This had nothing to do with anyone here, You did no such thing to offend me in anyway, and/or influencing me to leave. I just have lost interest of Fairly Odd Fanon.

    Don't worry, I'm not leaving forever, I just won't be around as often, But I will still be here to fight vandelisem, So you don't need to take away my Adminship.

    Just remember, I'm not leaving forever, It's more of...a break.

    I hope you guys understand, And also remember, You had nothing to do with any of this. Thanks, guys, you really all are some of the best friends I've ever had. Goodbye. :(

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  • PoofFan93

    Well, I think alot can see this wiki has more than 1,000 pages already, But I have made a wiki that we can import onto as well!

    I am not trying to compete, I have just tried to simplify things by creating another FOP Fanon wiki, That way, We can give this current wiki a bit of a break and some space for more things.

    I have nothing against this wiki, But, just as it says above, I have just tried to make things easier for eveyone, Including this wiki.

    Feel free to request adminship at the other wiki, as long as you can be trusted to prevent vandelisem and such from hacking/invading the wiki's property.


    Join it now, and help the wiki community! Thanks everyone!

    Happy editing, The Queen o…

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  • PoofFan93

    Yes! Butch Hartman himself comfirmed on the FOP Wiki that a new character is being introduced into the show! Meaning the series will continue after all!

    Check it out!: [1]


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  • PoofFan93


    June 17, 2012 by PoofFan93

    Hi, Everyone!

    I have ANOTHER new Wiki (Hey, I like creating stuff, ok?) And I need more contributors to it, But before any of you make a move, I must give a summary on what subject the Wiki focuses on, I other words, What the Wiki is about.

    Have any of you here heard of the show T.U.F.F. Puppy? Well, It's like a sister show to the FOP, Created by the same creator of the Fairly OddParents, Butch Hartman.

    Since the other T.U.F.F. Puppy Fanon Wiki was closed down, I decided to create another Wiki similer to it, Only more successful. The older wiki was very unsuccessful, amateurishly formatted, and barely had enough contributors to keep it alive. So, I, PoofFan93, Decided to keep T.U.F.F. Puppy Fanon alive by making a new wiki, And so far it is m…

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  • PoofFan93

    This Wiki Needs Help!

    June 12, 2012 by PoofFan93

    Ok, There is this Wiki I stumbled upon, AND IT NEEDS HELP!!!! Please help, I am trying to adopt the Wiki and get it fixed up, But we need more contributors! Please help!!! (Link down below)


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