That Gamer

aka Listie

  • I live in Canada
  • I was born on May 21

My account. Now you've seen it. Please do something important.

Stuff I Made


  1. Mystic and Faries
  2. Journey to the center of Trixie Tang
  3. 10,000 Wishes Below the Sea
  4. Around the World in One Night
  5. A Misty-cal Moment
  6. War Of Loves
  7. Let's Get Kraken, Kimmy!
  8. TG And DS Present: An All-Sound Parody: Welcome To FishBowl
  9. Everybody Was Mystcaly FIGHT-ING!
  10. The Next Mystic-Fu Kid/Mystic and Faries 2: The Big Sequel Thingy!
  11. Timmy & The Glee Club
  12. Gamer & Zolo In The Fairly OddParents (A.K.A. The Last Episode Of Season 10!)
  13. Timmy & the Glee Club 2: When the Going Gets Weird, Yankovic it

Music Releated


  1. Timmy & The Glee Club 2 Theme (Orignial)
  2. Fariy (Parody of "Misery" by Soul Asylum)
  3. Fairly OddParents Theme Parody (Parody of "The Fairly OddParents Theme")
  4. Cat Head for Sale (Original)


  1. Sgt. Jamie's Lonely Plots Club Band
  2. Imaginapalooza
  3. Album the 3rd: More Music from IA.C
  4. Cat Head for Sale: Music from Seasons 7 and 8



  1. (co-writer; co-creator; voice of Jamie)
  2. Fairly OddFanon (writer; voice of Mystic and Gamer)
  3. ImaginaryAdventures.Com: The Road Trip Movie ("written" by That Gamer)

Random Stuff About Me


Favorite Bands

These are arranged in no particular order.

  • Pink Floyd
  • The Beatles
  • Queen
  • Nirvana
  • Beatallica
  • "Weird Al" Yankovic

Favourite Albums I Bought

Ordered from "absolute favourite" to "I really like this album a lot".

  1. The Wall
  2. Abbey Road
  3. The Dark Side of the Moon
  4. Yellow Submarine
  5. Help!


Favourite Movies

  1. Hot Shots! Part Duex
  2. The Muppets
  3. Hugo
  4. Across the Universe
  5. Monsters, Inc.

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