Cutie Pie Poof

Me: "Okay, Whoever is a huge fan of the Fairly Oddparents raise your hand!" *Me raises BOTH hands* "Me Likey FOP. XD"

My Best Friends are: Glitter Glam and Sophiaawesome!


Poof: "Mom, What are you staring at?"

My Top 5 Fav Characters (Real and Fanmade)

Me, Me, ME!

Me as a baby with my Godparents, Rozmo, Rhonda, And Ping!

ME as a baby with MY Fairy Godparents, Rozmo, Rhonda, and Ping

I am ___ years old, and I am a Female that LOVES the Fairly OddParents, And I am a Computer Geek, That is on this Wiki 24/7 (Almost)!

Event List

Tuesday, May 15th, 2012: New Series~

Wendsday, May 16th, 2012:

My FOP Meme

My Meme!

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