Jennyfer Turner

  • I live in Hungary
  • I was born on July 25
  • I am Female (Girl)

Me and Timmy ♥ Sorry for my amateur Paint Draw.


I'm Jennyfer Turner! :)

I wrote a lots of informations of me here:

But okay:

My real name is Jennifer Maurer,and i'm big fan of FOP! :)

I once made a game of it,and i'll make new episodes of Fairly OddParents,what called "Fan FOP Series" :) I love to draw FOP,and i'm Fall In Love With Timmy Turner ♥ ♥ ♥

More infos at the link :)

My favorite pages

  • Timmy Turner  ♥
  • Fairly OddParents Wiki :)
  • This page :)
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