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Ah, finally, we have created a path for all fans of this show to create whatever they want to create about this show.

We are strange, do not mind about the characters we are going to create, or our user name may be the same as our fan fiction. We only want to help this world (may be more worlds), the living creatures, and everything that we must help. Only if we had been fully capable of helping, this world could have been a better, all-good world, staying far away from passions and evilness, plus seperation if anyone call, without violent and conflict.

User's status

Hi, I may be an administrator here, but may not for too long. I will help creating the way and the path for every Fairly OddParents' fan in editing here. After I have called some user to revoke my status, I will be helping normally.

Note:Everytime I see the delete button, I feel very bad, evil things come to my head.

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