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Hello. FOP is my favorite show on Nickelodeon. I am male.

History on this Wiki

I have been contributing on this wiki ever since May 5, 2012. The first page I created was Jim Cosma. Then I had the idea of Seesponges, which I found funny. Mr. Seesponges was created and then other family members. Eventually, it all had to be on a show so I created Fairly OddSeesponges (Series). Now at first, I was going to make Mr. Seesponges the main character that appears most often, then I made Connor and Jenna appear most often. Ever since then, Seesponges has been a hit show.

Fairly OddSeesponges Sequence

95% of all the pages I have created are Seesponges related. The pilot episode for Fairly OddSeesponges is Incorrect Spelling since Seesponges is incorrect grammar (that other anonymous user on FOP Wiki was bad at english!). Then the first real episode was A Large Problem!


Cosmo in the Fairly OddSeesponges special Mars Attacks!.

Help from Others

Obviously, I did not do Fairly OddSeesponges on my own. I am helped by Baby Poof93 and sometimes by other contributors.

About Me

I live in California and Oregon is my favorite state. Basketball and Soccer are my favorite sports. Frisbee is awesome! I like seeing them fly in air slowly so they look like UFOs. Egyptian Mythology is another interest, and that's why I made Connor Seesponges have the same interest.

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