Uncle Vic/Quotes

(The Turner's House; Timmy, Ivan and Chloe running from Vicky around the house)
Vicky: You twerps can run, but you can't hide from being blasted by my icky wax gun!
(Vicky pulls the trigger from her wax gun and started blasting wax at the kids; she easily blasted Timmy with wax making him stick on the wall)
Vicky: (laughs)
(Chloe charges to Vicky with a battle cry; Vicky turns to Chloe and shoots wax until, in slow motion, Ivan jumps in the way, taking the shot for Chloe)
Ivan: Noooo!!
(Ivan laying on the ground; Vicky's shadow comes near Ivan)
Vicky: (points her wax gun at Ivan) Say your prayers, four eyes.
(Ivan covers his eyes)
Nicky: (heard) Oh, Vicky!
Vicky: I'm busy!
Nicky: (on-screen standing at the front door of her house with a bullhorn) Come home! I have a surprise for you!
Vicky: Ooh. I like surprises. (to Ivan) You're lucky, Russian Twerp.
Nicky: Vicky!
Vicky: (walks out of the house) I heard you the first time! Sheesh!
(the kids groan while standing up; their fairies appear)
Wanda: Are you kids okay?
Timmy: Sorry, I can't hear you, I have wax in my ears, (shouts) and it's not mine!
Ivan: Man, I hate Vicky!
Chloe: She's inhuman!
Cosmo: She's not of this Earth!
(everyone stares at Cosmo)
Cosmo: What? Everyone else is shouting random stuff.
Timmy: (trying to hear) What?
Astronov: I don't like the sound of this "surprise".
Sunny: Whatever it is, it might sound really bad.
Poof: Even worse than Vicky? Now those are words that no one would ever hear in a million years.
Neptunia: Maybe we should all just go and spy on them, see what the surprise is.
Astronov: Sounds like a plan.
Cosmo: I'm in.
Ivan: Me too.
Chloe: Me three.
Timmy: What?!
Cosmo: (shouting) We said, "We should go spy on the Millers to see what Vicky's surprise is!"
Timmy: No, I don't want Mama Cosma to pinch my cheeks!
Chloe: I'll take care of this. (pulls out two Q-tips and shoves them into Timmy's ears, then pulls them out to reveal two loads of wax) Okay, in case you haven't heard the first two times, (shouting into Timmy's ear) "WE SHOULD GO SPY ON THE MILLERS TO SEE WHAT VICKY'S SURPRISE IS!"
Timmy: Aaaagh! Okay, I get it now! I'll go with you, as soon as my ears stop ringing from Chloe's yell.
Chloe: Sorry.

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