Un-Turnerly Demise/Quotes

(Timmy in juvy getting forced to answer some questions while his voice was heard)
Timmy: (voice) This isn't what you would expect on the fourth of July, did you? A building gets blown into pieces and all of a sudden, here I am in a juvenile prison for a crime I didn't commit. How did this happen? It began on a normal day in the streets.
(earlier in the morning; Timmy, Ivan and their disguised fairies walked to the Dynamite Museum)
Ivan: Thanks for taking me to the Dynamite Museum, Timmy. I've always loved the fourth of July.
Timmy: No problem. This place is a real improvement of the original.
Wanda: Which has been blown up twice by a certain someone?
Timmy: Once on purpose, and the other by accident to rescue Poof.
Neptunia: This place is boring. We should've gone bowling.
Astronov: You can't even throw it right.
Neptunia: Of course I can throw a bowling ball. When have I not?
(Three flashbacks; Neptunia throws a bowling ball on top of the ceiling; swings the ball, but throws to the front door; uses a golf club to hit the blowing ball)
Neptunia: Fore! (hits the ball, but whole body shivers until it breaks into pieces)
(back to present)
Neptunia: I get the point.
Poof: (holding an agenda) Let's see, the big rockets can make it more colorful, and the mid-sized ones might sparkle.
Cosmo: Whatcha doin', son?
Poof: Studying fireworks.
Cosmo: Really? Oh, what do the big ones do?
Wanda: Don't touch them, Cosmo! You want us to get blown up?
Cosmo: We're magic, Wanda. We can always regenerate.
Wanda: Just stay with Timmy until the trip is over.
Cosmo: Oh, alright. (flies to Timmy off-screen)
Ivan: If what you said is true, Poof, we could have the greatest Fourth of July in the century!
Astronov: Ivan sure loves fireworks. One time he... (sizzling noise)
Wanda: What was that?
Astronov: Is someone cooking bacon without a shirt on? Because, it's not me this time.
Neptunia: (near Astronov) You sure look hot without a shirt on. (giggles)
Astronov: Not in front of the others, hon.
(everyone awkwardly stares)
Ivan: If I didn't know any better, a match just lit, meaning this place is about to blow up! RUN!!
(everybody runs out of the Dynamite Museum before it explodes)
Ivan: That was too close!
Timmy: Yeah, good thing no one was hurt.
(police sirens)
Cosmo: Uh-oh! It's the fuzz!
Astronov: No one calls cops that anymore.
Ivan: Let's just get out of here!
(the cops arrive after Timmy, Ivan and fairies disappeared)

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