Vicky with Hammer

In this episode Vicky the Babysitter becomes babysist Timmy Turner... but problem is, Tina Tribune, Josh Tribune and Isabella Esmeralda "Bella" Tigmifico are on visit, have two babysitters - Vicky and Tinas and Joshs brother and Bellas cousin Kevin Tribune, who have secret crush to Vicky and is same mean like her.

Appearance: Timmy Turner, Cosmo Cosma, Wanda Fairywinkle, Poof Fairywinkle Cosma, Tina Tribune, Isabella Esmeralda "Bella" Tigmifico, Josh Tribune, Kevin Tribune, Olive Olivy


  • In this episode are Tina and Bella good team
  • Bella hate Kevin more than Tina
  • This episode revelated more of Tina´s family, like dad, mom, brothers and pets.
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