From random episodes:

Comet:-*threatening the bad guys with her pan* Stay away from us, okay?!?
Poof:-Comeeet! *pulling her away for the vest* You can't threaten them with your pan, or you will hit someone!
Comet:-Right, that's exactly what I want to do!

Timmy :-... so, the only solution is that we must form an alliance!
Remy:-Never ever, Turner! I prefer being tortured by Vicky instead!
Vicky:-*taking out her tools of torture*What did you say?
Remy:-*afraid, to Timmy*Where I should sign?

Dr.Rip Studwell:-Let's see what's this button doing...
Poof: -*being beaten by Comet's magic pan* OUCH! HEY! OW!
Comet: No, that's my Magic Pan's remote control.

Comet:-Excuse me, doctor, may I ask you a question?
Dr.Rip Studwell (?):-* turning * Uhm?
Comet:-Why are you having the Anti-Fairies' wings?

Poof: -* watching the doors of Anti-Cosmo's castle * Now I want to understand how you don't get lost in here! I'm serious!

Crystal (?):-* dragging Comet toward the door * Since my friend is better, then I'll bring her out, at the sunlight, and...
Anti-Cosmo:-Not so fast, Miss Crystal! Or should I say ...* pulls "Crystal"'s hair and reveals the disguise *... Pixies, disguised as Crystal!
Poof and Comet: -*shocked*AAARGH!!!
Timmy:-And I've seen it yet.

Comet:-*referrering to Anti-Cosmo*Your anti-uncle is crazy, Poof! He's mad as a hatter!!
Poof:-Yeah, you're right, and think that he's only my father's counterpart!

HP:-Blah-blah-blah, it means: give us that bottle, Turner!
Timmy:-Blah-blah-blah, it means: forget it, coconut!
Comet:-*angry*Hey!! That was my joke!

Foop:-So, Poof, didn't you think that I would use my father's tricks to cheat you once again?
Poof:-No, I was hoping that at least you wouldn't be so stupid.

Timmy:-So, where are Marcus and Clarisse?
Anti-Cosmo:-I killed them and I ate their fairy hearts with a plate of fava beans and a good chianti!
Wanda:-If you were hoping to do an acceptable imitation of Hannibal Lecter, you're sure that it's the exact opposite!
Anti-Cosmo:-Oh, never mind. I could always eat your fairy hearts, after all ...
Poof:-*afraid, to Timmy*He always makes me more scared every time I see him!
Comet:-*strangely smiling*... really, huh?
Anti-Cosmo: -* afraid, because Comet is trying to kill him with her magic pan * Just kidding!! I was just doing an anti-fairy's joke! Don't kill me, please!!!
Foop:-*to Comet*He hid them in our castle.

  • Marcus and Clarisse are Comet's younger brother.

Poof:-*angry, to Foop*I thought you were changed, at least you!
Foop:-Well, you thought wrong!
Comet:-And at this rate I've got it too.
Foop:-*ignoring her* Do you know the opportunity concept, my little brother?
Poof:-Err ... aaah, it's a trick question, isn't it?
Foop:-*to Comet *... but he's always like this?
Comet:-No, on Tuesdays he's even worse.

Crystal:-*looking at a car*Look, it's a Stellari!
Poof:-Yes, Crystal, we saw it ...
Crystal:-But it's the latest model!
Lucky: Yes, Crystal, we have noticed it ...
Crystal:-But it's black!
Poof:-Crystal!! We are in trouble and you think at cars?!?

Foop:-*to Timmy and Poof*So, goodbye, you twerps! Ha ha ha!!!
Comet: -*ironically* Uuuh, that evil laugh! My sister does it better.

From the movie: Two Fairly OddBrothers! - When Wishes Collide!:

Timmy:-And who are you??
Simon:-Ehm...What would you think if I told you that...I am you?

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