One of the Fairly OddChristmas shorts. It is a song by Timmy and Tootie about Trixie to the tune of "Santa Claus is Coming to Town".

Timmy: Oh...You better not shout!

Tootie: You better not cry!

Both: You better not pout I'm tellin you why!

Trixie Tang is comin to town!

Timmy: She sees you when you're sleeping,

She knows if you're awake!

Tootie: She knows if you've been bad or good,

Both: So be good for goodness sake!

Timmy: She hates kids who are naughty!

Tootie: And she knows when you're on the can!

Both: And if you're bad she'll blast your butt

From here to Pakistan!

You better not breathe,

You better not move!

Better look out, I'm tellin you dude!

Tootie: Trixie Tang is gunnin you down!

Timmy: If you're good you'll get a gift under the Christmas tree!

But if you have been really bad,

Tootie: Well, trust me.

You will see!

Timmy: She's naughty herself,

She's nothin but spice!

Tootie: That's how she knows if you're naughty or nice!

Trixie Tang is gunnin you down!

Trixie Tang is comin to town!

Trixie Tang is




Timmy: Yeah!


  • The line "Trixie Tang is gunnin you down" actually references the Futurama song "Santa Claus is Gunnin You Down".

During the song, Trixie is shown sneaking into houses, leaving either presents or painful items, such as wrapping up a timebomb or putting either grenades or wild animals in a stocking.

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