"(deadpan) Hi, Timmy. (normal) That must be Ivan, the new Russian student you've been telling everyone about!"
"Tell me I'm pretty!"
"Finally, peace and quiet."
"That's ridiculous, I never rob anything!"
"I don't understand, is this another one of Timmy's pranks?! Because this isn't funny!"
"I can't believe this. I'm being taken for a crime I've had no interest of, especially wearing winter equipment on a sunny day in April. Not that I care, but I wonder how Veronica's doing? I'll bet she's on her knees crying about her best friend in jail by now."
"I'm baaaack!"
"Well, I don't see that ever happening between me & Tootie. Don't get me wrong, she's cute, but if I were a boy, I'd personally prefer Veronica."
"I was going to visit Ivan while he was asleep yesterday at my friend's house and give him a gift that I made, for being a good babysitter."
"You call those sentence enhancers? I've never heard such foul language in my life! This is even worse than people calling me ugly!"
"You sure are a sweet big brother to Timantha. If I had a sister, I'd do anything to keep her happy. Not ditching her into hanging out with someone that you've fell in love with since kindergarten. Otherwise, I could've upset her, and left her heart-broken."
"How is that going to help us learn more? It's probably some sort of assignment to make us feel your bitter pain that none of us care about."
"There's no way Elmer's boil can talk. (Ivan knocks the door) I gotta go, Missy. Come in."
"(laughing) Timmy playing sports alongside me and the popular kids?! Yeah, right!"
"(after Chester outruns her trying to reach her and her team's field goal) Dang it!"
"(as Wonder Gal) Wonder Gal, at service, and super pretty."
"So, how's staying pretty looking for you, Brianna?"
"Well, if it isn't Timmy, Ivan and Miss swirly haired smarty pants."
"(to her second dimension counterpart) Gosh, you're pretty."
"I may be pretty, but I'm not afraid to get dirty either!"
"Plus, they can replace them, and no one can tell the difference!"
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