Fairly Odd Comrade
Fairly Odd Comrade Trixie and Veronica's first appearance in the fan-made series. Trixie was pleased to meet Timmy Turner's new best friend, Ivan Prestonovich.
Trixie Gets Busted
Trixie Gets Busted Trixie was framed by Vicky, who was disguised as her, for the armed robbery of the Dimmsdale National Bank and put in juvie. Eventually, the real culprit of the bank robbery was arrested thanks to Timmy and Ivan, and Trixie was released from juvie.
All-In-One Romance
All-In-One Romance She along with Tootie was fused together into Trixootie after Timmy made a rule-free wish with his Magic Muffin.
Anthology of Terror
Anthology of Terror Trixie appears in Tootie's ghost story as an alien in disguise.
It's a Vickyful Life
It's a Vickyful Life An alternate version of Trixie was seen as Timmy's girlfriend and babysitter.
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