— Trixie Tang
Trixie Tang
Trixie Tang Stock Image.png
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Irken (Invader Trixie)
Age: 10 (11 as of "Timmy Churchkitten")
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Blue
Purple (fused with Blonda)
Personal Information
  Tang Family
Turner Family (alternate universe)
Fashion model (future)
Babysitter (alternate universe, if Vicky was never born)
Teppanyaki chef (sometimes)
  Tang Mansion
  Wonder Gal
Venom Lips
Popular Twerpette
Rich Girl
Boy magnet
  Timmy, Timantha, Cosmo, Wanda and Poof
Ivan, Chloe, Astronov, Neptunia and Sunny
Chester and A.J.
Tad and Chad
Mark Chang
Brianna Bailey
Betty and Schnozmo
  Denzel Crocker
Timmy (formerly)
Tootie (formerly)
Veronica (occasionally)
Charlotte (sometimes)
Lauren (formerly)
Love Interests:
  Timmy (formerly)
Remy Buxaplenty
Chip Skylark (temporarily)
Tim Thompson (temporarily)
  Being called pretty by hundreds of boys
Drinking jasmine tea
Listening to classical music
Fairy Godparents:
Blonda (godmother)
Juandissimo Magnifico (godfather)
Cosmo (godfather, alternate universe)
Wanda (godmother, alternate universe)
Fairy Godsiblings:
Poof (alternate universe)
Johnathan Tang (father)
Tiffany Kondo-Tang (mother)
Daran Turner (father, alternate universe)
Nataliya Turner (mother, alternate universe)
Tommy Turner (future son)
Otto Buxaplenty (future son)
Timantha Turner (alternate universe)
Fifi (pet poodle)
Tammy Turner (future daughter-in-law)
Several cousins in Japan
Cassie Turner (future granddaughter)
Production Information
First Appearance:
  "Fairly Odd Comrade"
Voiced by:
Kari Wahlgren
Kath Soucie (when imitating Ivan's voice)
Grey Griffin (when imitating Veronica's voice; speaking voice in "Timmy's Cartoon Show")
Kelly Hu (adult)

Trixie Tang is one of the major characters of The All New Fairly OddParents!, and a major adult character in The Fairly OddParents: The Next Generation.



Trixie Tang wears a bright purple short-sleeved turtleneck, a white skirt and white boots. She has long hair complete with a purple hairband. Most of the characters frequently praise Trixie for her looks.


Trixie herself is a bit of a wisecracker, often greeting Timmy in a deadpan tone whenever he's involved with her in a romantic way. She is also a bit snooty. Trixie is against hearing curse words in her vicinity, as seen in "Filthy Wishmouth". Deep inside, she's a nice girl, and treats her friends with dignity, whenever they act nice to her. Trixie is very fluent in Japanese, as she's of Japanese descent. At times, she's a geeky tomboy and likes to disguise herself as a boy and read comic books for boys. Trixie also really likes playing video games and watching anime. Trixie also likes robots, playing with action figures and sports, such as hockey in "Timmy on Ice". She is also an expert in Japanese cooking, and likes to prepare foods hibachi style, which she learned from her father.


Friends and family

Trixie is rarely seen interacting with her family. As for friends, Veronica is generally considered her best friend, alongside the two popular kids, Tad and Chad. Ivan is one of the few boys to compliment Trixie's looks and he sometimes helps her out, if possible.

Love interests

Her love interest for the most part was Timmy Turner, an average kid who gushes over her when given the chance. Trixie has a love/hate relationship with him. She doesn't love Timmy back most of the time, and often rejects him, especially if he has done something stupid. Although, Trixie sometimes feels sorry for Timmy. After the episode "A Mile In Popularity's Shoes", Timmy gets over Trixie. In the episode "Spreading The Love", she begins dating Remy Buxaplenty after Ivan trained him. After Timmy and others finish pairing every one of the boys and girls with their ideal matches, Trixie breaks up with Timmy, but not before giving her one last kiss to him as a gift and an apology for everything that she did hurtful to him, who beforehand gave her a medal, the "Not as much of a jerk as you could have been" award. After that episode, she and Timmy remain friends, and Trixie dates Remy on a few occasions.

See Also

  • Trixie Turner - Trixie's alternate counterpart when Timmy switched lives with Trixie.
  • Trixootie - A girl that was wished by Timmy with the Magic Muffin that combines the best aspects of both Trixie and Tootie.
  • Troy Tang - A male counterpart of Trixie from the gender-swapped universe.
  • Wonder Gal - Trixie's superhero alter-ego in the Crimson Chin comics.
  • Venom Lips - Trixie's supervillain alter-ego in the Crimson Chin comics.
  • 2.D. Trixie Tang - Trixie's inter-dimensional counterpart and the co-leader of the resistance.
  • Adult Trixie - Trixie Tang as an adult.
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