• Tootie and Vicky can imitate each other's voices perfectly.
  • Tootie along with Veronica can imitate Trixie's voice perfectly.
  • Tootie shares some noticeable similarities with Sam Manson from Butch Hartman's second Nicktoon, Danny Phantom. Among them, Tootie and Sam both have black hair and purple eyes, their outfits look similar, they're both voiced by Grey Griffin, and both girls are in love with (and ultimately end up with) their respective show's protagonist.
  • According to a Tumblr post, Tootie was a nickname Butch Hartman gave to his daughter.[1]
  • According to a Facebook comment, Tootie was inspired by Butch Hartman's daughter.
  • Tootie has the same birthday as Ivan.
  • Tootie is frequently a victim of improper animation. In many scenes her glasses are missing their temple arms, or her black tights will be missing.
  • In her teen years, Tootie's skin tone has been slightly tanned.


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