"Hi, Timmy!"
"Are you the new kid that Timmy was talking about?" (Meeting Ivan for the first time)
"What a lovely compliment! I always have spare glasses with me."
"See what? I've always wanted to go to your room! Is it a slumber party?"
"Ew, gross!"
"As an average nerdy girl, I never get accepted at parties or school proms, unless I'm disguised as a popular girl, but that's not the point. I happen to be a fan of a certain alien invader comic book series and my story is called "Invader Trixie"!"
"I thought "The Modifyers" was really good."
"It's just a shame they chose a nasally-sounding woman to play you, Trixie. She sounds more obnoxious than me!"
"Oh! I wish me & Timmy babysat Vicky!"
"Well, too bad, you have to eat it at some point! It's not that bad, to be honest. I don't get why Timmy hates chocolate either."
"Despite all you've been through, alongside us, it was worth it, wasn't it, Ivan?"
"But dad, I wasn't even swearing!"
"You're not going to look at this girl until she sees you for the fraud you're going to be."
"(future self) You mean you don't recognize me? You don't see a resemblance? (makes her long hair into pigtails) Here's a hint. (puts on her glasses and speaks in a high voice) I love you very much, Timmy! (normal voice) It's okay, you can laugh. It's funny."
", no no nononononono! (sobbing) This can't be happening! WHY DID YOU DO THIS, TIMMY?!"
"Oh, great! First, Vicky stole my Timmy, now she stole my stuff! (Vicky's voice) That twerpette is gonna pay!"
"Surely, the weather will be fine, as long as it doesn't affect the skin of the love of my life. (pulls up a Timmy picture and awkwardly kisses it)"
"(as Frosty) Oh, Cleft, you saved me! (kisses Cleftina on the cheek)"
"(as Frosty) Oh... well... (chuckles; embarrassed) you can go ahead and let me drown now."
"Timmy, it would have been nice if you'd told me you were going out with Veronica."
"So, typical day of failure attempting to seduce the boy magnet, I see, huh darling?"
"I'll just put away my glasses, (removes her glasses) put on a wig, (puts on a wig that looks similar to Trixie's hair, complete with hairband) change into these clothes, (spins in place, swapping her clothes for Trixie Tang's) maybe get some make-up, (puts on make-up, in Trixie's voice) and now you can't tell the difference between me & Trixie! You can pretend that you're dating her and not me. Come on, sweetie, what do you say?"
"The old creepy Tootie you used to know is gone too. She won't trouble you anymore."
"(teen self) Wow! Looks like that dental surgery was worth it, huh?"
"(teen self) Feels like third grade when he made my heart melt after meeting him for the first time."
"Is that attractive woman another one of your backup girlfriends, Timmy?!"
"Oh, I guess I was wrong. I'm sorry for the misunderstanding, miss Carly. When I grow up, I want to have a heart shapes tattoo with Timmy's name on my shoulder just like you."
"He's so foreign! I do miss Timmy's buck teeth, though."
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