Season 1

Fairly Odd Comrade
Fairly Odd Comrade Tootie was first seen in her bedroom where she meets Timmy's new neighbor and best friend, Ivan Prestonovich. She was admired to meet him and gave him her spare glasses as a welcoming gift.
The Stories of Dimmsdale
The Stories of Dimmsdale Appears only at the beginning after Ivan made his wish to observe peoples point of view in life. She was speaking inaudibly as Ivan reads her mind.
All-In-One Romance
All-In-One Romance She along with Trixie Tang was fused together into Trixootie after Timmy made a rule-free wish with his Magic Muffin. Trixootie gave Vicky a swirlie as payback for ruining Tootie's birthdays, and also intimidated Mr. Crocker and Francis.
A Taste of Fakery
A Taste of Fakery Tootie along with Timmy, his fairies, Chester and A.J. introduce Ivan to Mark Chang and later on helped defeat Princess Mandie and prevent her from destroying the Earth after Ivan was exposed while he was disguised as Mark.
Anthology of Terror
Anthology of Terror Tootie and the others tell each other ghost stories on Halloween.
A Waste of Potential
A Waste of Potential Tootie and friends were at Ivan's house watching a rejected pilot of The Modifyers.
It's a Vickyful Life
It's a Vickyful Life Tootie makes brief appearances at the beginning and at the end of the episode. In an alternate timeline without Vicky, Tootie would've never been born.
A Trip to the Movies
A Trip to the Movies Tootie and the others were watching a movie portraying them.
Unparental Controls
Unparental Controls Tootie and Timmy babysit a young Vicky while Ivan and Veronica babysit Poof while Cosmo and Wanda go to a fairy conference.
Filthy Wishmouth
Filthy Wishmouth Tootie supports Ivan and Timmy after being punished for using "sentence enhancers" in school. And after hearing Vicky saying all thirteen bad words, she and the boys rushed to her house and tell her mother. It was revealed earlier in the episode that Timmy does not attend David Mulligan's class because of Tootie.
Scamylan Seen as a story character playing the role as a sidekick of Timmy's character.
I, Timmybot
I, Timmybot Tootie was confused seeing Timmy as a robot, then later became jealous after seeing Robot Tootie kiss him then fights her off, winning against her robot counterpart by pulling the battery out of her.
Ingenious Valentine
Ingenious Valentine She helped A.J. into making him tell the truth to his new girlfriend, Charlotte.
Channel Overwish
Channel Overwish Tootie meets her bad future self and was amazingly impressed in what she will look like in the future.
Icky Lover
Icky Lover Tootie was disgusted and shocked seeing Timmy in a romantic relationship with her sister, and had a nightmare where her boyfriend married Vicky. She and Ivan eventually decide to spy on Timmy and Vicky. When Vicky kidnaps Timmy, Tootie dons her Ninja of Love costume and turns off the lights in Vicky's room, beating her up in the dark and tying her up so that Ivan could use Cupid's Anti-Love plungers to make Vicky fall out of love with Timmy. Timmy was amazed at what Tootie did to her sister and after kissing her, he said to Tootie that he'll always prefer her over Vicky as his girlfriend.
Fairly Odd Pretty News
Fairly Odd Pretty News Tootie and friends were hired into being new cast members after Timmy and Ivan's wish editing the news. But, things got bad when Trixie gossiped about her and the others.
Super Mayhem
Super Mayhem Tootie in her superhero alter-ego Frosty helps Cleft defeat the Nega-Chin and restore the Crimson Chin's powers.
The Origin of Vicky's Ickyness
The Origin of Vicky's Ickyness After hearing about Timmy and Ivan wanting to go back in time and find out how Vicky become a mean person and attempt to make her nicer, Tootie volunteers to come along with them.
Dental Catastrophe
Dental Catastrophe Tootie in her undercover persona, Deep Toot helps Ivan out into getting through Dr. Bender's hospital in one piece.
Betty and Veronica
Betty and Veronica Tootie admits that she was impressed seeing how Veronica beat her twin cousin Betty. She was also told to look away when Timmy and Ivan gave Betty a kiss on the cheek goodbye.
Nut-i-er Business
Nut-i-er Business Tootie, Timantha and the rest of the Cream Puffs challenge the Squirrely Scouts into finding the rabid red-headed squirrel. Little did they know, it was Neptunia who was surrounded by her phobia of standing in the middle of the forest and turned rabid.
The End of Dimmsdale
The End of Dimmsdale Tootie and the gang helps Timmy into traveling to the 2nd Dimension where she meets her counterpart, where she and her friends are rebels against their Turbo Thunder.
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