Tootie's In Love

Title Card

Tootie sees Chester and Veronica dating and feels sad. So she tells Timmy she wishes she had a boyfriend. Timmy turns himself into a cool new kid named Terry Strong and spends the whole day with Tootie. After Tootie admits she loves "Terry", he turns back to Timmy and tells her he loves her too and they kiss.



  • Timmy's clothes as Terry Strong are the glasses, shirt and jacket he wore as Cool/Popular Timmy in "A Wish Too Far" and Jorgen's boots and pants.
  • Terry Strong is a reference to Tara Strong, who interestingly voices him.
  • Error: The title card shows the name of the episode as "Tootie in Love".
  • A character named Charlotte appears as AJ's girlfriend in this series. She had an early cameo in "Return of the Musical: Vicky's Evil Plot".
  • Error: In some scenes, Terry's glasses are green instead of black.
  • The running gag with the opening is that random episode scenes are shown during it, that are different in each episode. For this one the following scenes are used: Timmy laughing ("A Swingin G.E.N.I.E."), Timmy and Tootie dancing while Cosmo, Wanda and Poof are doing the same dance in the background ("Into the Lamp"), Nega-Tootie saying "Blah blah blah blah" ("Nega-Tootie"), Tootie turning into a mermaid ("The Little Mermaid"), Tootie dressed as Deep Toot looking from left to right with her eyes ("Detective Tootie in: Where's the Necklace?"), Terry snappig his fingers and smiling while winking at Tootie ("Tootie's in Love"), Timmy and Tootie singing (Unnamed Musical Episode), Timmy appearing out of the lamp ("A Swingin G.E.N.I.E."), Tootie cheering at a Chip Skylark concert ("Skylark"), Tootie singing "Tootie's Rap-sody" ("Tootie's in Love"). These are the same as the first episode.
  • Error: During "Tootie's Rap-sody", only Tootie's voice and Veronica's can be heard, even though Charlotte does sing. This is corrected in repeats.
  • Error: After "Tootie's Rap-sody", Charlotte no longer appears. This is actully justifiable by the fact that Charlotte's appearance here was meant to be a brief cameo, to reference her other cameo appearance.
  • It's possible "Tootie's Rap-sody" may have been based on "A Real Boy" from Phineas and Ferb, or even "I Want to Be Loved" from "Return of the Musical".
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