Tommy Turner
Tommy Turner.png
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Age: 10
Birthday: 2022
Personal Information
  Turner family
  Tammy Turner, Jessica McBadbat, SJ, Tatiana
Love Interests:
  Jessica McBadbat
Cashlin Buxaplenty (formerly)
Fairy Godparents:
Cosmo Cosma (future godfather)
Wanda Fairywinkle (future godmother)
Timmy Turner (father)
Tootie (mother)
Mr. Turner [grandfather]
Mrs. Turner [grandmother]
Jessica McBadbat (Possible future wife)
Tammy Turner (sister)
Tomelina Turner (Adopted Sister)
Terry Turner (Adopted Brother)
Vicky (aunt)
Vicky's Brother (possible uncle)
Vic (possible great-uncle)
Chester McBadbat (uncle)
Veronica (aunt)
Gertrude (great-great aunt)
Tina Turner[paternal aunt]
Zimmy Turner [paternal uncle]
Tara Turner (paternal aunt)
Otto Buxaplenty (rival)
Production Information
Voiced by:
Tara Strong (most fanon)
E.G. Daily (some fanon, kid-teenager)
Sam Marin (adult)

Thomas "Tommy" Turner is the future son of Timmy Turner, who was seen at the end of Channel Chasers.


Tommy is a young boy, around the age of ten years old, who lives with his sister Tammy at the Turner's house in Dimmsdale. He along with his sister, Tammy Turner and two adopted siblings, Terry Turner and Tomelina Turner, live miserable lives due to their constantly busy father who is never around, and their evil babysitting android, Vicky-Bot, who usually tortures them with many weapons. Luckily, like their father, they also have Cosmo and Wanda as their Fairy Godparents to make them happy and grant them wishes. Not much else is known about him, as he has no speaking lines (by himself) and is only seen briefly at the end of Channel Chasers, digging up a time capsule with his sister that his father buried twenty years ago. He, alongside Tammy, is a huge fan of "The Prey Bros." (a parody of "The Venture Bros."), the series which take place in the same universe as "Jonny Hunt".


He wears pink clothing and a pink hat, similar to what his father once wore as a kid, although Tommy's hat is a different design. Other than the color of his hair, which is black, and his nose, which is pointy instead of round, Tommy is almost completely physically identical to ten year old Timmy. As a kid/teenager, his voice is similar Tommy Pickles from Rugrats or Buttercup from the Powerpuff Girls, while as an adult, his voice is similar to Benson from Regular Show.


  • Tommy is a name Trixie often mistakenly calls Timmy. It is also the name of Timmy's wished older brother who Tootie temporarily fell in love with. It is possible that either one could have had an influence on his name, although it was likely chosen because it's a genetic alternative of Timmy.
  • It is possible that Tommy and Tammy are fraternal twins, because of their name similarity along with their age, though unknown, they seem to be about the same age if not the same age at least one year apart and no more than two years difference.
  • It could be possible that Tammy and Tommy are half-siblings: Tootie could be Tammy's mother and Trixie could be Tommy's mother.


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