Tommy's Song is a song sung by Tommy and Tammy on The Tommy and Tammy Show!, in which Tommy sings about his love for Jessica McBadbat.


Tommy: Jessica is the cutest girl in my school,
And just thinking about her makes me drool!
When I try to talk to her, my tongue gets tied!
Perhaps it's because I'm just naturally shy!
Tammy: Perhaps it's because you're just naturally shy!

Tommy: By studying her heart so carefully
I will find out what she likes and then she will love me!
Tammy: You'll get Jessica to love you, you see
'Cuz she's always loved you!
That is clear to me!

Tommy: Listen closely, sister. (to the viewers) You too.
Since Jessica is so pretty,
I'm gonna compliment her true beauty!
I'll also give her lots of flowers!
I've already built a chocolate tower!
Tammy: You can give her one piece every hour!

Tommy: I know the things that all girls love,
So I'll give her gifts she only dreams of!
Tammy: Hey Tommy, that is really smart,
But I think you should just tell her what's in your heart.

Tommy: Romeo and Juliet is Jessica's favorite book, I bet!
So maybe I'll recite some lines,
And then she'll think of me as quite divine!
Tammy: And then she'll think of you as quite divine!

Tommy: I'll see to it she is adored,
And our love will be the true reward!

Tammy: You'll make sure she is adored,
But what will you do if she is abhorred?

Tommy: Jessica is the girl for me,
She's oh-so nice and sweet and so pretty!
My heart beats when I'm next to her,
We might stay together forever.
Tammy: Your heart beats when you're next to her,
And maybe you will be together forever!

Tommy: I'll give her just what she desires,
And then we'll see who she admires!
Tammy: Tommy, she'll admire you,
And maybe you will even get to kiss her too!

Tommy: When our love becomes official,
I'm sure it will always be beneficial!
Tammy: When your love becomes official,
Then you should call each other by your initials!

Tommy: Well that concludes my little rhyme,
I hope it wasn't just a waste of time!
Tammy: Well bro, I've learned that one thing's true!
You're in love with Jessica,
And she loves you!

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