Timmy and the Cockroaches is an animated spin-off off FOP and Oggy and the Cockroaches. It's created by Xilam and Nick.


The show centers to Timmy Meowton. A content, tender and lazy half-cat half-human who usually spends his day doing household chores, watching TV and cooking if it wasn't for the three cockroaches in the household: Scaredy, Kenny and Joey. The trio seems to enjoy making Timmy's life miserable, which involves mischeif ranging from (In most cases) plundering his fridge to such awkward things like hijacking a train Timmy just boarded. Timmy uses Cosmo and Wanda to gain revenge to the roaches. But the roaches steal their wands and they need alot of stress to get them back. They even sometimes even make Wanda's life miserable by always making her the victim of her hand caught in a mousetrap in one episode.

Timmy's best friend, Zack wants to find new plans to kill the roaches while Rob is fed up about new accidents (which he may think that the roaches are the victims and the humcats as the suspects)

List of episodes

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  • The creator of the show Oggyndaroaches123 said "this show will be full of slapstick comedy and you'll be lost in silly television space!"
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