Timmy and Stitch: The Exciting Middle Part is Part 2 of 3 of "Timmy and Stitch crossover.


In Part 2 of 3, all the experiments start to cause chaos in Dimmsdale. Meanwhile Lilo teams up with the fairies to go on a journey to find Stitch and rescue him.


Meanwhile back in Hawiaii, Hamsterviel and Reuben are going on a trip to Dimmsdale, and there he meets Gantu and told him he made Anti Stitch. Just then Tootie grabs Hamsterviel and takes him home. Reuben must save him before Tootie finds him. Reuben rushes and grabs Hamsterviel and rushes to Gantu. Tootie then brings him food but discovers he's gone. So then she starts to worry. Meanwhile Lilo must rescue Stitch so Timmy wishes all the fairies from Fairy World would come and then Lilo and the rest of the fairies go on a hunt to find Stitch. Timmy says goodbye to Lilo and all the fairies. While Timmy is on his way home he discovers Tootie lost her pet, Hamsterviel. Cosmo tells Tootie who is Hamsterviel and Timmy wishes Tootie would forget all about Hamsterviel. The expermints all cause chaos in Dimmsadale as they make all messes and start to do stuff like causing everyone to lose thier memories, making everyone agure, making everyone fall in love, and that keeps on happening.