• In "I, Timmybot", as a robot, Timmy cannot have magnets attached to his head, or it will "screw up his inhibition unit", thus causing him to flip out and sing tone deaf.
  • Timmy is born on the same day as Timantha, Chloe and Chip Skylark.
  • Timmy has not been babysat by Vicky when he turned 11, as revealed by Nataliya in "Revenge of the Dinkleberg".
  • Timmy is five minutes older than his twin sister, Timantha. In the gender-swapped universe, it's the opposite.
  • Timmy and his fairies do not appear in the episode "Outrage in the Pet Cage", although he is mentioned at one point.
  • Timmy is the only main A.N.F.O.P. character who appears in the series finale of Sally and Stan.
  • In his teen/adult years, Timmy sometimes screams like a girl, not unlike his father.
  • Before he and Timantha lost their fairies, Timmy's last wish was for a cure for diabetes to exist.


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