Timmy Turner is the main focus of the fan-made series alongside his fairies, except for "Outrage in the Pet Cage", where it was focused on Ivan Prestonovich, Chloe Carmichael and their godparents, Astronov, Neptunia and Sunny.

Season 1

Fairly Odd Comrade
Fairly Odd Comrade.png Timmy meets his new best friend, Ivan Prestonovich, who moved to Dimmsdale alongside his parents and fairy godparents, Astronov and Neptunia. He shows Ivan around introducing him his his family, friends and enemies.
Trixie Gets Busted
Trixie Gets Busted.png Timmy and his parents were at the Dimmsdale National Bank and he unknowingly sees his babysitter Vicky disguised as Trixie robbing a bank and framing her. Timmy and Ivan later at night located evidence and put Vicky behind bars.
The Stories of Dimmsdale
The Stories of Dimmsdale.png Timmy wish to have Ivan take a glimpse at other people's lives seeing more of their private lives.
All-In-One Romance
All-In-One Romance.png Timmy finds his old Magic Muffin and takes a bite out of it fusing Trixie and Tootie into a beautiful girl. Afterwards, Ivan and a jealous Veronica figured out a plan to help Timmy come to his senses and put things back to normal.
A Taste of Fakery
A Taste of Fakery.png Timmy introduced Ivan to his alien friend, Mark Chang who is on the run of both the Yugopotamians and Princess Mandie, who was recently paroled. When Ivan offers Mark to stay on Earth while he goes to Yugopotamia, disguised as Mark, Timmy and Mark creating the Fake-i-fier 2.0. But Ivan blows his cover and must fight off Mandie to save his planet.
Invisible Dad
Invisible Dad.png Timmy was annoyed by his dad doing twice the chores, so he made a wish that whenever he tells Timmy what to do, he immediately walks away leaving Timmy be.
Anthology of Terror
Anthology of Terror.png Timmy and his friends tell each other a Halloween story.
A Waste of Potential
A Waste of Potential.png Timmy alongside Tootie, Chester, A.J. and Veronica arrived at Ivan's house to see the unfortunately rejected pilot episode of "The Modifyers".
It's a Vickyful Life
It's a Vickyful Life.png After another day of being tortured by Vicky, Timmy wishes to see what the world would be like if Vicky was never born.
In the Future, There Will Be Fairies
In the Future, There Will Be Fairies.png After Ivan wish for a simulation machine that allows the user to make a simulation of the future, Timmy and his fairies later on finds out about it and joins him seeing what his life would be.
A Trip to the Movies
A Trip to the Movies.png Timmy went to Hollywood to see a movie based on Timmy's adventures in the past and was pretty excited, much to Ivan's dismay of the portrayals.
Revenge of the L.O.S.E.R.S.
Revenge of the L.O.S.E.R.S..png An old friend of Ivan's named Adam Williams arrives to Dimmsdale to tell Timmy and his fairies about his old enemy, Mark Brown who has teamed up with the League of Super Evil Revenge Seekers and destroy him.
Unparental Controls
Unparental Controls.png When Cosmo and Wanda was scheduled to go to a fairy conference, Ivan and Veronica volunteered to babysit Poof while Timmy and Tootie babysit a five year old Vicky.
Filthy Wishmouth
Filthy Wishmouth.png After hearing Neptunia using "sentence enhancers", which are actually bad words, Timmy and Ivan wish to say those words themselves in public, even to those who give them grief. Yet, that got them into a lot of trouble with Principal Waxelplax and later on, the two regret the decision and unwish their wish.
Timantha's Moving In!
Timantha's Moving In!.png When going trough the mail, Timmy was excited to hear that he has a twin sister, Timantha and she moved in.
Scamylan.png Timmy and Ivan as the starring characters of a James Bond parody, must stop Scamylan (played by Sanjay), a diabolical film producer, who produces movies with mind-blowing twists.
Blonda Way or Another
Blonda Way or Another.png Wanting to introduce Poof to his Aunt Blonda, Ivan, with help from Timmy, wishes to be a fairy and both he and Poof get the job in soap opera, "All My Biceps".
Bad Luck 101
Bad Luck 101.png It's Friday the 13th, and both Ivan & Timmy get struck with lots of bad luck thanks to Anti-Neptunia.
I, Timmybot
I, Timmybot.png Timmy was turned into a robot thanks to Ivan's wish and was later hanging out with the Robot Tootie and Robot Trixie, which leads to the real Tootie and Trixie to team up for the first time and put a stop to this.
Spouse Swapped!
Spouse Swapped!.png After a misunderstanding, both Timmy and Ivan's fairies had a divorce and paired up with one another's spouse's. Yet, things start to down the drain when they started missing each other and settle things with the help of Cupid.
Ingenious Valentine
Ingenious Valentine.png Seeing A.J. depressed on not having a Valentine, Timmy helps him find one online. They see a girl named Charlotte and Timmy wish for A.J. to look cool to impress her seeing that he's more than a nerd.
Timmy Churchkitten
Timmy Churchkitten.png After Timmy gets kicked out of Trixie's birthday party, he and Ivan had a sleepover at his house as was told a betime story about a kitten who lives with the church's pastor, a mouse and a dog.
Kid Skylark
Kid Skylark.png When Chip Skylark was planning to perform a concert with his father, Chip Skylark II, Timmy accidentally wishes for Chip to become a kid.
The Old Wisheroo
The Old Wisheroo.png After Timmy and Ivan wish for mind-switching top hats, things went crazy as they begin to switch minds with other kids and adults in Dimmsdale. Thankfully, the world was saved thanks to Timmy and Ivan's classmate, Kristina Wilson and her fairy godparents, Tony and Anne.
Channel Overwish
Channel Overwish.png Timmy, Ivan and their fairies travel to the world of T.V. to escape reality of their lives for a bit. Unfortunately, their carelessness with magic leads to Vicky taking over the world in the future. Later on a mysterious masked man and an attractive masked woman tracked them down and tell them about their future. With their success of defeating Vicky, the bad future timeline was erased and things went back to normal.
Rags and Riches
Rags and Riches.png Timmy and Ivan had a run in with Timmy's rich arch-rival, Remy Buxaplenty and he challenged Ivan for a magical duel to see who gets to keep their fairies. When Ivan nearly was willingly wanting to give up his fairies, Remy had a change of heart and has finally agreed to end he and Timmy's rivalry forever.
Icky Lover
Icky Lover.png After Vicky was hit by one of Cupid's arrows stolen by Foop, Vicky fell madly in love with Timmy which did not go well later on.
Fairly Odd Pretty News
Fairly Odd Pretty News.png Bored of the news, Timmy wish for some editing and after seeing the news, Chip Skylark's Manager, aka, "The guy from the record company", offered Timmy, Ivan and friends to be a news cast.
Timmy on Ice
Timmy on Ice.png After not being allowed to join the rich kids and their hockey team, Timmy and Ivan forms a group of their own to show them who's the best. Yet, a sibling rivalry stirs up between Timmy and Timantha when Timantha's revealed to be on Trixie's hockey team, putting them in direct competition.
Super Mayhem
Super Mayhem.png Seeing the Crimson Chin powerless and defeated by the Nega-Chin, Timmy, Ivan and friends jumped into the book to help defeat the Nega-Chin and his associates by using an unlimited source of power before Chincinnati is destroyed.
The Great Fairy Caper
The Great Fairy Caper.png Wanting to help Trixie's British friend, Brianna Bailey for the theft of her family jewels, Timmy, Ivan and Charlotte travel to Britain to help out.
The Origin of Vicky's Ickyness
The Origin of Vicky's Ickyness.png Curious to know everything about Vicky's tormenting way, they travel back in time to see Vicky's childhood 10 years before to find out why she's so mean and cruel.
Un-Turnerly Demise
Un-Turnerly Demise.png When the Dynamite Museaum was destroyed, Timmy was believed to be responsible for the destruction and it was up to Ivan to find out who the real culprit is.
The Evil Wedding Breakers
The Evil Wedding Breakers.png Hearing about Mark Brown wanting to marry Mandie, Timmy, Mark and the gang team up to stop them.
Second Rate Popular Birthday
Second Rate Popular Birthday.png After partying at Veronica's for her eleventh birthday, his eyes were open seeing how Veronica was treated poorly, popularity aside. Timmy shows up at Veronica's bedroom and fess up telling her that he has a loving, caring side for her. And he showed it by giving her a jazz dancing outfit which leads to Veronica giving Timmy a passionate kiss.
The Modiwishers
The Modiwishers.png When having a Q&A with Ivan about The Modifyers, he makes a wish for the two to become agents living their lives at the characters in the show.
Winners Don't Use Magic
Winners Don't Use Magic.png Timmy and Ivan makes a wish to be in their racing game and was competing against the game versions of their friends and enemies.
Interuniversal Wish
Interuniversal Wish.png Timmy, Ivan and others go to parallel universes made accessible by Ivan's latest wish. The parallel universes they go to have various differences that Timmy and others were not expecting.
Dark Laser's Journey
Dark Laser's Journey.png Curious to know how Dark Laser escaped the Unwish Island, he was told a story of how it happened.
The Platinum Spears
The Platinum Spears.png When Britney Britney over hears Ivan and friend's music, Ivan became a star and left Timmy, Chester and A.J. behind after having fame go to his head.
From a Wimp to a Bully
From a Wimp to a Bully.png Timmy and Ivan travels in time to see what made Francis a bully in the first place.
Operation: Board Attack!
Operation Board Attack!.png The Pixies was attacking Fairy World and Timmy and Sally Amber (starring character of the spin-off, The Amazing Adventures of Sally and Stan) teamed up to defeat them.
Dental Catastrophe
Dental Catastrophe.png Timmy helps Ivan prepare for his first appointment with Dr. Bender.
Betty and Veronica
Betty and Veronica.png After helping Veronica defeat her twin cousin, Betty Star, she reveals that she's also miserable inside and has a fairy godparent of her own, Cosmo's older brother, Schnozmo. Timmy and Ivan gave Betty a kiss on the cheek goodbye hoping they would see her again.
Nut-i-er Business
Nut-i-er Business.png Timmy and his Squirrely Scouts compete against the Cream Puffs to find the rabid red-squirrel who unbeknownst to them is really Neptunia, who turned rabid after suffering her phobia of standing in the middle of the woods.
One Crock After Another
One Crock After Another.png Timmy and his classmates went to a field trip and help Mr. Crocker's nephew, Kevin Crocker get over his fear of crocodiles.
Car Unwash
Car Unwash.png Wanting to make some money to save the beavers being endangered, Timmy and Ivan plans on helping the school with its funds by having a car wash.
The End of Dimmsdale
The End of Dimmsdale.png Turbo Thunder arrive at Timmy's house informing him about the his 2nd dimension counterpart and has agreed to take him down.
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