Timmy: Guys, you know what day is today?

Wanda: Yes... day when you babysit Poof.

Timmy: Yes... What? Ok, but is is March 21... you know what is that day?

Wanda: First day of spring.

Timmy: But... Ok!

Cosmo: We must go to my mom.

Wanda: Yeah... '*Wanda's Phone Rings; She answers it*

Wanda: Oh, Hi Blonda... Ok, but now I go to my mother-in-law... Possibly my godchild Timmy can...! Ok, bye!

Timmy: What... I can!

Wanda: Oh, All My Biceps have 3-hour special and Blonda cant find someone who can babysit her kids!

Timmy: And I'm first possible babysitter, yeah?

Wanda: Sorry, but yes!

Timmy: I must babysit three babies?!

Cosmo: 1, 7, 2... no, two!

Timmy: You cant count, right?

Wanda: So can you babysit them?

Timmy: Ok...

Wanda: Oh, Thank you, Timmy!

  • Cosmo and Wanda poof away. Only few minutes after that are on Timmy's bed are Angel and Junior*

Mr. Turner: Timmy! We have birthday surprise for you!

Timmy: My Parents remember to my birthday? That is my dream! *Timmy go down to his parents*

Timmy: What is it, what is it, what is it?!

Mrs Turner: Vicky!

Vicky: Hi twerp... I mean, Timmy!

Timmy: Noooo! *thinking hm, babysitter babysit babysitter! Possibly isnt so bad..."* Mr. Turner: So bye you two and have fun!

  • Timmy is again in his room*

Timmy: A list... Hhmm...10am, have them eat... 11am, have them rest... when babies poop, change their diapers... that isn't hard... is 10am... I must eat them... what do babies eat?... milk and mush!

  • Timmy goes to kitchen to make mush*

Timmy: Hm, we don't have any mush... but we have cereal! *Timmy goes to his room*

Timmy: Look Babies, I make cereal for you!

Angel: Looks good.. *Rolls eyes sarcasticially*

Junior: Thanks Timmy!

Poof: Poof Poof! 11am....

Timmy: Time to go to bed! But I have one bed... must share!


Timmy: *Sniffs air* Oh, No! The babies pooped! *Timmy changes diapers*

Timmy: Now go watch "Lookie Lucky's Lunch Box"! I go for some lunch to kitchen!

  • Timmy go to kitchen and then see giant cake with write HAPPY BIRTHDAY TIMMY! And in-front-of are Cosmo, Wanda, Juandissimo, and Blonda*

Cosmo/Wanda/Juandissimo/Blonda: Happy Birthday Timmy!

Cosmo: And on top of the cake, is a big suprise!

Timmy: I guess, Juandissimo makes my bad imitation

Juandissimo: You remember to last year? Sorry, My imitation isn't perfect!

Timmy: That's ok... so, I guessed, that you guys pretending that you forgot my birhday, So I could be surprised?

Wanda: Yes... and are Poof, Angel, and Junior ok?

Timmy: Yes, they are watching tv, have new diapers, are rested and full!

Wanda: Thank you, you are such a sweetie! And now be useful and help us celebrate your party... in your room!
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