Timmy Churchkitten/Quotes

(Turner's house, evening; Ivan and his fairies along with Timmy's stand at the front door)
Ivan: Man, Trixie Tang's birthday party was a blast! It sure was nice of her to invite anyone, rich or not.
Wanda: Well, unlike Vicky, she's not that selfish and cruel.
Astronov: So when did Timmy say he'll be home again?
Cosmo: You know him, wanting to impress the girl of his dreams. (poofs up a trampoline)
Ivan: What's up with the trampoline?
Cosmo, Wanda and Poof: (after Cosmo looks at his watch) Three, two, one...
(Timmy screams from a distance as he was flying through the air until he lands on the trampoline)
Timmy: Okay, give me three questions and I'll answer them freely.
Ivan: Best birthday party of the year?
Poof: Spend some quality time with Veronica?
Neptunia: You finally got Trixie to fully love you?
Timmy: Yes, no and you should know the answer to your own question by now.
Wanda: Cheer up, Sport, I'm sure it wasn't that bad.
Timmy: Not at all as a matter of fact. By the time the party was over I gave Trixie flowers and a Skull Squisher video game.
Astronov: And?
Timmy: Some of the party guests were still there and saw my act of kindness. When she noticed we weren't alone she quickly rejected me. Before doing so, she said as quoted, "You're really lucky you're cute." and the rest you just saw.
Cosmo: Well, look at the bright side, you were invited, been called "cute" by the girl you love, and said girl loves video games. It's a win-win!
Timmy: Yeah, I guess. Well, time for bed.
Ivan: Wait! Are you (pull out his sleeping bag) forgetting something?
Timmy: Oh, yeah! I forgot. Our very first sleepover!

(Timmy's room, Timmy goes to bed, while Ivan prepares his sleeping bag)
Timmy: Cosmo, Wanda, can you read me a bedtime story? Please?
Cosmo: Sure. What story?
Timmy: I don't know, any story would do.
Poof: As long as it's not scary like the last time Timmy read me a bedtime story...
Timmy: Look, Poof, I said I was sorry. I'll never read a scary bedtime story to you ever again.
Wanda: Okay. Cosmo, get the storybook out.
(Cosmo poofs up a book titled "Stories for Children" and flips through the pages until he comes to a particular spot)
Cosmo: Oh, this looks wonderful!
(Cosmo turns the open book to the audience. The left page says "Once Upon a Time..." in fancy writing and the right page has an illustration of Gebriel Churchkitten. Cosmo turns the book back to him and prepares to read, with the rest of the fairies floating near him, preparing to read alongside Cosmo)
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