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Funeral = [[File:Timantha Turner Funeral Stock Image.png|250px]]|-|
Funeral = [[File:Timantha Turner Funeral Stock Image.png|250px]]|-|
Gender Bent Universe = [[File:Timmy Turner (Gender-Swapped Universe) Stock Image.png|250px]]|-|
Gender Bent Universe = [[File:Timmy Turner (Gender-Swapped Universe) Stock Image.png|250px]]|-|
Pirate = [[File:Timantha Turner Pirate Stock Image.png|250px]]|-|
Sixth Grade = [[File:Timantha Turner 6th Grade Stock Image.png|250px]]|-|
Sixth Grade = [[File:Timantha Turner 6th Grade Stock Image.png|250px]]|-|
Teenager = [[File:Timantha Turner Teenager Stock Image.png|250px]]|-|
Teenager = [[File:Timantha Turner Teenager Stock Image.png|250px]]|-|

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"In order to impress a girl, you have to think like a girl."
— Timantha Turner
Timantha Tamara Turner

Timantha Turner Stock Image

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Timantha Turner Funeral Stock Image

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Gender: Female
Species: Human
Age: 10 (11 as of "The Godchildish Birthday")
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Blue
Personal Information
  Turner Family
Patel Family (future; after being married to Sanjay)
Cream Puff
Dental assistant (future)
  San Diego, California (formerly)
  Cleftina the Girl Chin Wonder
Astronov, Neptunia and Sunny
Tootie, Chloe, Trixie
Veronica, Charlotte, Missy, Kristina and Rose (best friends)
Chester and A.J.
Elmer and Sanjay
Mark Chang
Denzel Crocker
Sparky (formerly)
Love Interests:
Troy Tang (parallel universe)
Tristian (parallel universe)
Comic Books
Action Movies
Video Games
Fairy Godparents:
Cosmo (godfather)
Wanda (godmother)
Astronov (godfather; temporarily)
Neptunia (godmother; temporarily)
Fairy Godsiblings:
Poof (godbrother)
Sunny (godsister; temporarily)
Daran Turner (father)
Nataliya Turner (mother)
Pappy Turner (paternal grandfather)
Grandpa Vlad (maternal grandfather)
Grandma Gladys (maternal grandmother)
Sanjay Patel (future husband)
Timmy Turner (twin brother)
Trixie Turner (sister; alternate universe)
Tammy Turner (future niece)
Tommy Turner (future nephew)
Tootie (future sister-in-law)
Amisha Patel (future mother-in-law)
Hank Ryan (future stepfather-in-law)
Neil Ryan (future stepbrother-in-law)
Production Information
First Appearance:
  "Timantha's Moving In!" (The All New Fairly OddParents!)
"When There's a Wand, There's a Way" (The Amazing Adventures of Sally and Stan)
Last Appearance:
  "TBA" (The Amazing Adventures of Sally and Stan)
"One Last Wish" (The All New Fairly OddParents!)
Voiced by:
Tara Strong

Timantha Tamara Turner is one of the main characters in The All New Fairly OddParents!, a minor character in the spinoff The Amazing Adventures of Sally and Stan, and a major adult character in The Fairly OddParents: The Next Generation. She is Timmy's twin sister, is born on the same day as him and Chloe, and shares fairy godparents with him.



Timantha wears a bright pink shirt, white boots, pink skirt, a headband with a bow & pink earrings. Like her twin brother, she has brown hair, blue eyes, and buck teeth. Timantha's voice is much higher than her twin brother's, and sounds similar to Bubbles from the Powerpuff Girls, albeit slightly lower. As a teenager, her voice is similar to Harley Quinn from the Arkhamverse and other DC medias. As an adult, Timantha's voice is similar to Ashi from Samurai Jack or Ilana from Sym-Bionic Titan. Aside from being the youngest, Timantha is slightly taller than her older twin. Her skin tone is slightly darker than Timmy's.

After High School, she had dental surgery and removed her buck teeth, replacing them with normal teeth.


Timantha has almost the same personality as Timmy, except Timantha's personality is more girly & organized. She's smarter than her twin brother, and is nowhere near as selfish as him. Like Trixie Tang, Timantha cares about her looks and likes staying pretty, and has a hidden talent of being a good cook, where the food tastes better than it looks, inherited from her mom. She also has a crush on Sanjay.

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