• Timantha was once kissed by Tootie on the cheek by accident, because she mistook her for Timmy.
  • Timantha lives in a bedroom that looks similar to her brother's, except colored pink. Their dad said it was once a sewing room.
  • Timantha is younger than Timmy by five minutes, while in the gender-swapped universe, it's the opposite.
  • Timantha can imitate her brother's voice perfectly.
  • Timantha often calls Timmy "big brother", similar how Coco Bandicoot does to her brother.
  • Timantha is slightly taller than her Timmy, aside from being younger than him.
  • Timantha walks in the same motion as Principal Waxelplax and Mrs. Crocker.
  • The thought of Timantha once living in San Diego, California was inspired by user Zionbishop91802 who was also born there.
  • Just like Timmy, while she was a baby and was raised by Pappy, she also sucked on a pacifier for too long and having buck teeth just like her brother.
    • After High School, she had dental surgery and removed her buck teeth, replacing them with normal teeth.
  • Timantha appears in all episodes in Season 4 and onward, except for Season 5's "Plainly Crashing" which mainly featured Timmy, Cosmo and Wanda.
  • Before she and Timmy lost their fairies, Timantha's last wish was for a cure for cancer to exist.
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