"Hey, big brother."
"Sanjay is cute."
"It tastes better than it looks. Got these cooking skills from my mom."
"This oughta show that monkey face he isn't as smart as he thinks."
"(sigh) Makes me feel bad that I've left San Diego."
"That's right, Timmy! Whip her butt! Then we'll have pancakes, with chocolate toppings!"
"The news never gets any better."
"I wish Mr. Crocker was stranded in the middle of the river."
"While you were gone, I thought I'd wear one of your spare pink hats. What do you think, big brother? Does it look good on me?"
"Yeah, I honestly think the same way too, Timmy. That hat suits you more."
"Big brother, if you really want to annoy me, can't you do normal big brother stuff, like noogies, or hair blocks, or something like that?"
"Actually, Betty, I'm his sister."
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