• You might want to go through the pictures that Mmandmcb14 has uploaded. The pictures of trains aren't related to Fairly OddParents. The ones with the overly-pregnant characters are from DeviantArt and aren't even being used on this wiki.

    Mmandmcb14 has been uploading both kinds of pictures to several wikis. I have already had to delete them from two wikis I'm an admin on. I need to check further, but from what I've seen he appears to be more interested in just uploading both kinds of pictures, especially the overly-pregnant pictures, than in making an effort to make sure the pictures he's uploading fit the theme of a wiki. The last couple of times I ran into a situation like this, the more I looked, the more obvious it became that I was dealing with a spammer.

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    • Update: I found another account he was using last year where he added the same kinds of pictures and pages about trains and overly-pregnant cartoon characters on several more wikis. That account has not made any edits here, so if you just clean up the ones by Mmandmcb14, that will cut down on the amount of spam he is spreading.

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