• I've been brainstorming ideas about Mary Lou Bixby, a minor character from the season 6 episode "Cheese & Crockers". She is Crocker's high school crush who broke his heart, and so Crocker eventually broke her heart in return when he turned half-man, half-cheese. Should I replace Heather Summers with Mary Lou as Lyra Ubetcha Memorial School's librarian, or should I make Mary Lou a school teacher at Harry Amber's school?

    Mary Lou

    Mary Lou, Crocker's former high school crush

    Also, since you said that Harry and Alyssa study in different schools, does that mean Alyssa is studying in Dimmsdale High School, the same school as Vicky in the season 4 episode "A Bad Case Of Diary-Uh!"? Or could it be Harry that attends Vicky's school, with the other one attending Dimmsdale Junior High?


    Vicky's school

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    • Keep Heather Summers as the librarian of Lyra Ubetcha School while making Mary Lou as Harry's high school teacher. Also, make Harry Amber go to the same school as Vicky while Alyssa is studying in Dimmsdale High School along Libra Lane. Also, I suggest that Vicky to 4th year high school.

      Here is another thing about Harry: Harry Amber likes to wear Varsiti Jacket and likes to play Football aside from being a wrestler who uses his skills to defend weak, defenseless, and bullied teenagers from jerk jocks and bullies. Thanks to his newly found ninjutsu training and ki attacks and ki movements training, it help Harry take down massive jerkish teenagers who bullied teens.

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