• I've decided to delete info about future Dolores-Day having a teen queen body, because I've been thinking she should have her body being very similar to her old one. I've also been thinking about adding a new member of the Crocker family...

    Inspired by Crocker having Hector/Crockbot 9000 as his adopted son, Kevin also decided to have a robot descendant. Seeing as he's capable of building human-like robot bodies, Kevin decided not to steal a robot from the government. Instead, he builds a teenage robot android daughter with a human appearance, with her appearance inspired by Dolores' fake "Dimdating.dim" profile appearance from the episode "The Odd Couple". Kevin would name his robot daughter Carolyn. Harry and Alyssa Amber, aware that their son, Charlie, doesn't listen to them, decide to adopt Carolyn as their daughter, hoping she'll behave better than Charlie.

    Carolyn's personality is similar to that of Candace Flynn from Phineas and Ferb, except she's much nicer than Candace and is not obsessed with busting her siblings, although she'll try to stop Charlie or Crockbot 9000 if they're planning an evil scheme. She loves her adoptive parents, Harry and Alyssa, as well as her creator/father, Kevin, along with her great-grandmother, Dolores-Day but hates her great uncle, Denzel, as well as Robot Vicky.

    What do you think?

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    • Since I'm running out of ideas, Yes. You can add that character you just said.

      Here is another idea for Charlie's punishment in Come Wishes Undone:

      Aside from going to summer school because due low academic grades and discipline from his parents, I suggest that Charlie is not allowed to be friends with other godkids, although he is allow to keep his memories of them. And Harry will make sure that Charlie will only have friends that doesn't have any godkids.

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