The Wacky Fairies is the revival of the FOP Go LT. It's a segment in the Phineas and Ferbe-Tunes. It features all the characters from FOP (except for Denzel Crocker (Appeared on the 4 Timmy turner cartoons), Vicky and the comic book characters)

Character appearance changes

A new character design was revealed in the revival. The old "golf club" shaped arms/hands will be replaced with a more traditional hands and arms. Also, the arms are much longer now (In the old series, the hands doesn't touch the chair (sometimes it does). However, the old golf club hands will be restored now due to "not fitting the character" but the longer arms will still be in the series

Merge with Tom and Jerry styled shorts

In the rebuilding prosses of the Go Looney Tunes series, it was renamed Go Tom and Jerry Looney Tunes. A new idea from this new title is a fairy (Wanda) and a mouse (Also named Jerry). The first short is Pent-House Mouse (Based on the real short with the-same name)

Episodes from the Tom and Jerry division (Wanda and Jerry)

First Era

1. Pent-House Mouse

2. O-Solar Poof

3. Poof-Chance to Dream

4. Jerry, Fairy, Quite Contrary

5. Wild About Jerry

6. Duel Personality

7. Timmy-Cornered (Both Timmy and Wanda appearing to catch a mouse)

8. Poof and Dupli-Poof (Also Both Timmy and Wanda appearing)

9. Cannery Poof

10. Poof 'n' Boots

11. Poof 'n' Boats

12. Poof-ic Energy

13. Guided Mouse-ille (Or Future to the 2010s)

14. Snowbody Floods Me

15. Fillet Poof

16. Is There A Doctor in The Mouse

17. The Fairy Above and Mouse Below

18. Rock 'n' Poof

19. The Fairy's Po-om

20. Surf-Bored Fairy

21. The Wanda and Jerry Cartoon Kit

22. The Unshrinkable Jerry Mouse

23. Mouse Trouble

24. Much Ado About Mousing

25. Jerry-Go-Round

26. The Mouse from H.U.N.G.E.R

27. Shutter Bugged Fairy

28. Advanced and Be Mechanized

29. The A-Wandimable Snowman

30. The Brothers Carry-Mouse-Off

31. Haunted Mouse

32. Of Fairy Bondage

33. The Year of the Mouse

34. Ah, Sweet Mouse-Story of Life

35. Bad Day At Whack-Rock

36. Love Me, Love My Mouse (Wanda is absent. Only Jerry and the REAL Wanda. Timmy is in role)

37. Poof n' Toots (Second episode not to feature Wanda. Timmy has another role. Tootie is in it)

38. Renten Season

Second Era

1. Poof Gets the Boot

2. The Midnight Snack

3. The Night Before Christmouse

4. Fraidy Fairy

5. Dog Trouble

6. Poof n' Dooms

7. The Bowling Alley Fairy

8. Fine Fairy Friend

9. Sufferin' Fairies

10. High Steaks

11. The Missing Mouse

12. The Lonesome Mouse

Looney Tunes Division

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