The Typhoon Adventures of Timmy Turner is an upcoming The Fairly OddParents series that Timmy goes back in time to experience the major typhoons in the Philippines. Plus some fictional tracks of a super typhoon, like Typhoon Tip 1979, directly hit Metro Manila, CALABARZON, Bataan and Bulacan.


These are episodes based on typhoons from 1970, 2005 and 2010 while Season 2 will run from 2010 - 2015.

Season 1

1. Super Typhoon (Typhoon Joan)/Kate Smashes Mindanao (Typhoon Kate)

2. Signal Number 5 (Typhoon Tip)/Vera Smashed Metro Manila (Typhoon Vera)

3. Yuri Clobberes The Metro (Typhoon Yuri)/Weak, But Deadly (Tropical Storm Thelma)

4. A Typhoon Movie: Really Powerful On The Metro (Typhoon Angela)/Strong Typhoon Zeb (Typhoon Zeb)

5. Imbudo Crashes North (Typhoon Imbudo)/Category 4 On Metro (Typhoon Muifa)

6. Deadly Tropical Storm (Tropical Storm Merbok)/Winnie is Weak, But Deadly (TD Winnie)

7. Strongest On Luzon (Typhoon Nanmadol)/Chaba Smashes Cavite (Typhoon Chaba)

8. Milenyo Winds (Typhoon Xangsane)/Durian Hits Metro

9. Deadly Fengshen (Typhoon Fengshen)/ Jangmi Hits The Metro (Typhoon Jangmi)

10. Kujira Hits Metro (Typhoon Kujira)/Chan-hom hits Central Luzon

11. Nagka Brings Heavy Rain (Tropical Storm Nangka)/Deadly Souldelor (Tropical Storm Souldelor)

12. Major Typhoon (Typhoon Vamco)/Koppu On Central Luzon (Typhoon Koppu)

13. Choi-wan On Manila (Typhoon Choi-wan)/Ondoy's Heavy Rainfall (Typhoon Ketsana)

14. Pepeng Hits Metro (Typhoon Parma)/Melor On Cavite (Typhoon Melor)

15. Lupit Crashes Metro (Typhoon Lupit)/Timmy Ever Felt A Strong Typhoon (Typhoon Mirinae)

16. A Typhoon Movie: Timmy Ever Experienced A Super Typhoon (Typhoon Nida)

17. Before On Isabela, Now On Metro Manila (Typhoon Conson)/Chanthu Brings Rainfall (TY Chanthu)

18. Fanapi Crosses Home Plate (Typhoon Fanapi]]/Super Typhoon Juan (Typhoon Megi)

19. Timmy's Reaction On Chaba (Typhoon Chaba)/Category 2 Aere (Typhoon Aere)

20. Typhoon Yoyoy (Typhoon Yoyoy)/Category 5 Typhoon (Typhoon Songda)

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