"Darn it!"
— Mr. Turnbaum
The Turnbaums
The Turnbaums Stock Image.png
Gender: Male (Mr. Turnbaum)
Female (Mrs. Turnbaum)
Species: Human
Age: 40
Hair color: Black (Mr. Turnbaum)
Potter's Clay (Mrs. Turnbaum)
Eye color: Blue (Mr. Turnbaum)
Elm (Mrs. Turnbaum)
Personal Information
  Duo Bandits
  Souvenir Bandits
  Turner Family
Kimmy Turnbaum (daughter)
Production Information
First Appearance:
  "Takes a Turner to know a Turner"
Voiced by:
Daran Norris (Mr. Turnbaum)
Susanne Blakeslee (Mrs. Turnbaum)

The Turnbaums are a married duo of bandits who look exactly like Mr. and Mrs. Turner.



Mrs. Turnbaum resembles Mrs. Turner, except her hair is in a beehive, and she wears a pink flannel shirt with blue jeans. Mr. Turnbaum resembles Mr. Turner, except he wears a dirty white sleeveless shirt, is unshaven, has messier hair, and has bad teeth.


The Turnbaums have exactly the same personalities as Mr. and Mrs. Turner, except meaner, and possibly even dumber. Mr. Turnbaum is known for shouting out their secrets, or even their evil schemes, at the top of his lungs, which only annoys Mrs. Turnbaum.

As with Mr. and Mrs. Turner, they are neglective and abusive towards their only daughter, Kimmy, but they treated her far worse then Timmy's parents treating their son, and constantly blamed her for the robberies. Due to this, their daughter ran away from her parents to live alone with her goldfish until she was adopted by Chip's twin sister, Candy Skylark.

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