The Tommy and Tammy Show! is a series about Tommy and Tammy Turner, Timmy and Tootie's children. The style of the show is similar to that of WB cartoons, specifically Tiny Toon Adventures. A running credit gag is that the blue door in the background of the credits opens up showing a different animation in each episode. Another gag is the Variable Verse of the opening.


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Episode list

Season 1

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  1. "Making the Show Parts 1 & 2"
  2. "The Wonderful World of Love"
  3. "Monster in My Closet"
  4. "Star Turners"
  5. "The Tommy"
  6. "Kim Possible: Secret Agent, Crime-Fighter, Babysitter"
  7. "Daycare Center of Doom"
  8. "The Catgirl"
  9. "The Date With Otto"
  10. "Missing"
  11. "Music Mix"
  12. "Tommy's Birthday"
  13. "Eladsmmid"

Season 2

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  1. "Evil Lurks"
  2. "Evilica"
  3. "Zarghami"
  4. "Field Trip"
  5. "Double Helix and Dirty Tricks"
  6. "Tammylicious"
  7. "Tara"
  8. "Passover"
  9. "In Sync With N'SYNC"
  10. "So Pretty Am I"
  11. "Billionaire Boy"
  12. "Tammy Turner's TV Show"
  13. "Tommy Turner and the Dark Witch"

Season 3

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  1. "Free the Reviewers!"
  2. "Prime Rhyme Time"
  3. "D"
  4. "Todd's Haunted House Ride"
  5. "Can We Keep Her?"
  6. "Tammy's TV Show 2"
  7. "Fireworks"
  8. "The Witch Is Back"
  9. "Scared Yet?"
  10. "Christmas in Dimmsdale"
  11. "A New Sibling"
  12. "Body Swap"
  13. "Tammy vs. Cashlin"
  14. "Meet the Carbunkles"
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